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Cables behind my Behringer Audio Equipment


In the image above you can see some of my XLR-XLR audio Cordial CMK222 Cable with ferrite on them to avoid any RFI that could cause trouble on the Behringer Audio Equipment.

If you want to experiment with some professional audio gear on you’re ham radio shack don’t forget to use as short as possible good audio cables with a serious shielding, use the balanced XLR connector if it’s possible, use two ferrite on each end of the cable, keep the audio cables as far as possible from the antenna and power supply cables, a good grounding is always welcome in the shack … and many other advices that you can find on the net.

Audio-Technica PRO 31 Dynamic Microphone


This is my new microphone, the dynamic cardiodid PRO 31 from Audio-Technica. Inside the box there is a XLR Male/Female cable (noting special), a nice SA (bracket), a wallet for the mike, some papers with the instructions and stuff and a beautifull Audio-technica sticker :D.

audio_technica_pro31_box audio_technica_pro31_box_inside audio_technica_pro31_xlr_cable_sa

Click on the thumbs for better resolution.

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Yaesu FTdx9000, bord de avion?


Nu pot exclama decat Uaaaauu!  Yaesu FTdx 9000 aparent se ia la intrecere cu Icom 7800. Multe butoane, display LCD, DSP-uri, chestii trestii. Faza tare este ca Yaesu a scos FTdx9000MP, versiunea cu 400W putere de emisie pe cand Icom s-au limitat la 200W. Ce mai pot observa la noul Yaesu, mufa de microfon de pe partea frontala este de tip XLR, conector folosit in special pentru microfoane profesionale. In rest ce pot sa mai spun port de tastatura, USB, VGA, Carduri de memorie si altele…. nebunie curata.

Apropo, ambele transceivere, atat cel de la Icom cat si high end-ul de la Yaesu au banda de frecvente de la 30 kHz la 60 MHz. Spre deosebire de TS2000, ciorba de la Kenwood HF/VHF/UHF care personal nu-mi place deloc.

Anyway, aici puteti vedea cele trei versiuni, mai exact FTdx9000 D ,FTdx9000 Contest ,FTdx9000 MP .