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Kenwood TS 850s si largimea de banda

Mai mult din curiozitate dar si pentru a afla cu exactitate ce filtre detine dotarea standard a transceiverului  Kenwood TS 850s AT pe care-l detin m-am apucat de facut “sapaturi” folosind vasta sursa de informatie pe care ne-o ofera Internetul.

Din cautare in cautare am dat peste “Kenwood TS 850s Service Manual and Notes” versiunea PDF, thanks God ca mai sunt unii care digitalizeaza asemenea documente si le pun la dispozitie si altor interesati (a se vedea si proiectul Restitutio initiat de SRR).

Rasfoind manualul am dat exact peste informatia pe care o cautam. La pagina 12 se dau caracteristicile filtrelor ce se gasesc in dotarea standard a rig-ului (click pe imaginea de mai sus pentru versiunea intr-o rezolutie mai mare).

Voi spicui din acele tabele sectiunea ce m-a interesat, adica Pass Bandwidth, Nominal center frequency precum si tipul filtrului (XF- Cristal , CF – Filtru Ceramic).

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Should we use some audio processing or not?

[media id=167]

Listen the recording above to see if you can feel any differences between the default Kenwood hand mike (MC43) and the Behringer audio gear. The recording was made using the headphones jack and the moni function on the Kenwood TS850s plugged into the line-in input of my computer sound-card. What do you think? Should we use some audio processing or not?

Listen closely and after that give a vote and tell me what do you think is the best audio from your point of view.

PS: Use a good pair of headphones or a good loudspeaker.
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Pics from my Shack, today 15.01.2010

This is how my shack looks today 15.01.2010. Well, you can see a Kenwood TS850s, some audio equipment like the Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer as a mike pramp, the Behringer B1 studio condenser mike with a DIY pop filter, the parametric equalizer DSP1124p, dynamic processor is Behringer MDX1600, a Proxel switching power supply some speakers, my desktop PC, my laptop PC and a lot of mess on my desk.

73 and al the best!

Kenwood TS-850s Carrier set point adjustments


Today I’ve made some carrier set point adjustments on my Kenwood TS850s so that I’ll have the-same audio tone on LSB and USB according to my voice.

1. First of all, open the little hatch on the top of the radio (on the place where DRU-2 unit and filter dip switch are located.  Click on the image above for hi-res version).

2. Plug the original Kenwood microphone ( I use the MC43 hand mike). Locate  VR501 (LSB) , VR502 (USB), VR503 (Balance Audio Tone).

3. Set the frequency on 14.200 Khz.

4. Turn the radio OFF and after that turn it ON while pressing also the F.Lock button.

5. A menu will be displayed. While rotating the M.CH/VFO.CH knob make sure that menu 00 (zero zero) is displayed.

6. Use a pair of headphones with the transceiver and push the Moni  button while adjusting the Moni knob for the right volume without getting mike feedback, hi.

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YO3IBW / 233SD116 Radio Shack

[media id=48]

This is how my radio shack looks, today 19.04.2009.  On the audio, I’m using a Audio-Technica PRO31 dynamic mike, after that a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer used as a microphone preamp and some basic eq on the signal. The next equipment in the audio chain is a Behringer MiniFBQ800 9 band graphic equalizer, the signal goes in to a Behringer MiniCOM800 modeling compressor. Between the Kenwood TS850s transceiver and the audio gear I’m using a small RF, Ground Loop filter and audio attenuator. The schematic of this DIY box can be seen here.

73’s from YO3IBW/233SD116 name Dan. Cheers!

Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer


Am adaugat la lista de “scule” un nou modelator de modulatie de tip Behringer Xenyx 802. Mixer folosit momentan ca egalizor de microfon dar cu viitoare utilizari si in alte combinatii.

Efectele sunt clar vizibile. Ca solutie de preamplificator (cu posibilitate de Phantom – 48v pentru microfoanele condensator) + o corectie grosiera Basi/ Medii/Inalte, combinatia este un best buy.

Mai jos puteti vedea un “Sound bite” inregistrat de 233SD115 Aurel prin intermediul unui microfon de calculator si un Yaesu Ft450.

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Kenwood TS 850s / Volmet 11.253 Khz USB Beacon

[media id=17]

Ce tare venea baliza din 11.253 khz pe sarmele mele noaptea asta (23.02.2009)….

en: Receiver Kenwood TS850s, Dipol Antenna for 11m band, Frequency 11253Khz USB, Weather station Beacon in HF. This is the second recording with a stronger signal.

Disclaimer: If there is a problem that occurred by posting this material please inform me and I’ll remove if from my website.