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Audio Test YO3IBW 06.03.2011

[media id=270]

Audio Test YO3IBW 06.03.2011

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Teste MC43 versus Behringer Audio

Pentru a percepe intregul spectru al inregistrarilor va recomand auditia pe o pereche de casti/difuzoare de calitate. Exclus boxele de laptop, boxele de plastic pentru calculatoare sau alte pocnitori. Cu aceasta ocazie doresc sa multumesc lui Ciprian YO4HIT pentru inregistrarile profesionale. 😀

My personality test… hmmm, things where changed

Well, this is weird. I always thought that the final answer is influenced by the mood of each person that is crossing the test. Look how the graphs are looking now.

I have a friend that is a psychologist, he told me clearly that the first test doesn’t really fit me. Things are going to normal, probably. 😀 I’ll repeat the test after one week, let’s see what the result is going to be.