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Behringer Autocom PRO-XL MDX1600, setari pentru SSB

La rugamintea lui YO2BTW, un proaspat impatimit al modulatiilor ssb de calitate m-am gandit sa va destainui setarile procesorului de dinamica (Audio Intertactive Dynamics Processor) Behringer MDX1600. Bineinteles valorile pe care vi le voi prezenta in continuare  le-am gasit ca fiind optime in actualul setup  audio, transceiverul Kenwood TS-850s (fara DSP100) dar si impreuna cu vocea pe care o am.

Primul canal din stanga este folosit ca Expander/Gate + Pre-Compresie:  Potentiometrul Trigger prima gradatie spre dreapta langa -20dB. Butonul Gate si  butonul Release apasate. In zona de copresie (compressor/limiter) am Threshold -15dB, dB Ratio 2, Attac prima gradatie intre 0.3 si 20 msec, Release 5 sec, Output +10dB, butoanele SC EXT, SC MON, LO Contour, Auto, Interact Knee, DE-ESSER  oprite (stinse), Butonul I/O Meter si IN/OUT apasate (aprinse). Potentiometrul dynamic enhancer la 0 dB si butonul IN/OUT pe pozitia out (stins). Potentiometrul Peak Limiter pe OFF.

Butonul Dual Mono Couple pe OFF (stins).

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Canalul din dreapta este folosit ca Compresor, Dynamic Enhancer si Peak Limiter. Sa incepem cu Expander/Gate Trigger pus pe pozitia OFF, Gate OFF (stins) Release OFF (stins), Threshold -15dB, Ratio 8dB, Attac 0.3 msec, Release 1 sec, Output +10dB, butoanele SC EXT,  SC MON, LO Contour si Auto vor fi OFF (stinse),  Interact Knee, DE-ESSER,  I/O Meter si IN/OUT apasate (aprinse). Potentiometrul dynamic enhancer la 7 dB si butonul IN/OUT pe pozitia ON (aprins). Potentiometrul Peak Limiter pe ON la +12dB.

Banda de 11m (CB), Trafic local in Bucuresti


Trafic local in Bucuresti pe frecventa de 27.555 khz . Unii denumesc portiunea 27.410 – 27.995 fiind o alta banda de CB, personal prefer sa-i spun banda de 11m. Diferenta dintre banda de CB (26.965-27.405) si banda de 11m este evidenta. In primul rand in acest segment se foloseste preponderent modulatia de tip SSB (mai exact partea superioara, USB), in aceasta banda se realizeaza legaturi la mare distanta (DX), se face schimb QSL…precum si un trafic local (in Bucuresti cel putin) relaxat pe diverse tematici, fara restrictiile impuse de “regulamentul traficului de radioamator” dar bineinteles incadrat in ceea ce se numeste discutie decenta.
Mi-am permis sa realizez o inregistrare de 10 minute a unei convorbiti ce a avut loc in seara aceasta (24/25.10.2009) pentru a contrazice parerea unor Radioamatori (YO) precum ca traficul  din banda de 11m este de o calitate redusa spre deosebire de discutiile radioamatoricesti de tipul celor din banda de 80m care din punctul meu de vedere, de cele mai multe ori sunt extrem de monotone si plicticoase.

In urma unei discutii, chiar daca inregistrarea nu continea material ofensator am considerat ca este mai bine sa elimin acel continut. Ideea ramane aceeasi oricum. Dupa cum spuneam si aici,

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How to adjust you audio processors for best SSB results.


The first step is to adjust the high frequencies in you’re modulation. Drop down all mid and low frequencies below 2 Khz, disable the noise-gate, the compressor and all other enhancing devices except the equalizer. The high frequencies that we’re going to tune is between 2 khz and 4 khz. Listen with the moni function on your transceiver and a pair of headphones so that the high frequencies doesn’t sound harsh, adjust them until they sound pleasant. My EQ on this part, 2 Khz is +6db and 4 Khz is +12db

The mid range around 250 hz to 800 hz is the audio part that make the audio sound like a tin can. Be carefully how much you use them. On my EQ the 500hz is down to -12db and the 250hz is a little up, but no more just a bit. The 1 Khz is the key to you voice, in my configuration this tone is on 0db (zero db).

Let’s go on the low spectrum of you’re audio. The purpose of the low frequencies on your audio is to make a contour to you’re voice. Don’t exaggerate with this part else the sound is gonna be boomy and the intelligibility will decrease. Pay attention on the 100-200 hz range. Increase the 50-80 hz range. My EQ is 125 Hz a little under 0db (zero db) and 63 hz around +6db.

More info about how you can make your voice on the radio to sound good, check the LA3XIA web page.

What’s you’re favorite way of having a contact?

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Well my dear friends, I would like to ask you another question. What is you’re favorite way of having a QSO? To be more exactly, what is you’re favorite mode? Do you like the SSB or CW or the Digital modes…

From my point of view and probably the best mode in the world, for my ears and specially that I don’t know CW,  SSB modulation in the HF bands rules!

Give a vote! Let’s see the www.hobby.dan-nicolae.ro ham-radio readers opinion!