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Behringer Autocom PRO-XL MDX1600, setari pentru SSB

La rugamintea lui YO2BTW, un proaspat impatimit al modulatiilor ssb de calitate m-am gandit sa va destainui setarile procesorului de dinamica (Audio Intertactive Dynamics Processor) Behringer MDX1600. Bineinteles valorile pe care vi le voi prezenta in continuare  le-am gasit ca fiind optime in actualul setup  audio, transceiverul Kenwood TS-850s (fara DSP100) dar si impreuna cu vocea pe care o am.

Primul canal din stanga este folosit ca Expander/Gate + Pre-Compresie:  Potentiometrul Trigger prima gradatie spre dreapta langa -20dB. Butonul Gate si  butonul Release apasate. In zona de copresie (compressor/limiter) am Threshold -15dB, dB Ratio 2, Attac prima gradatie intre 0.3 si 20 msec, Release 5 sec, Output +10dB, butoanele SC EXT, SC MON, LO Contour, Auto, Interact Knee, DE-ESSER  oprite (stinse), Butonul I/O Meter si IN/OUT apasate (aprinse). Potentiometrul dynamic enhancer la 0 dB si butonul IN/OUT pe pozitia out (stins). Potentiometrul Peak Limiter pe OFF.

Butonul Dual Mono Couple pe OFF (stins).

[media id=196]

Canalul din dreapta este folosit ca Compresor, Dynamic Enhancer si Peak Limiter. Sa incepem cu Expander/Gate Trigger pus pe pozitia OFF, Gate OFF (stins) Release OFF (stins), Threshold -15dB, Ratio 8dB, Attac 0.3 msec, Release 1 sec, Output +10dB, butoanele SC EXT,  SC MON, LO Contour si Auto vor fi OFF (stinse),  Interact Knee, DE-ESSER,  I/O Meter si IN/OUT apasate (aprinse). Potentiometrul dynamic enhancer la 7 dB si butonul IN/OUT pe pozitia ON (aprins). Potentiometrul Peak Limiter pe ON la +12dB.

Setari meniu Kenwood TS 850s


– Hold the voice button on & turn the power on.
now every button on the radio will  acknowledge its function via morse code. this is a terrific feature for sightless hams

-Additional Front Panel Functions
Pressing SCAN + TX-M.CH will set the radio into its extended
function mode. These options can be scrolled via the M.CH/VFO CH.
switch. The following are the extended functions:

00 – This is the ROM Checksum displayed as a 4-digit hexadecimal
number This cannot be changed.
01 – Allow filter selection in transmit. Initially set OFF.  – merita schimbata aceasta setare pe ON
02 – Antenna tuner power down. Initially set to OFF.
03 – Antenna tuner non-stop mode. When set to on, the antenna
tuner will not stop when the lowest VSWR is found. Initially
set to OFF.
04 – Store mode, and filter settings prior to changing bands, or
channels. Initially set to ON.
05 – Display -HELLO- on digitial display, and send it in Morse
code on power up. Initially set OFF.
06 – Turn full LCD display ON on power on. Initially set OFF.
07 – Turn Subtone ON or OFF. Initially set ON. Note that even
when set off, the TONE indicator will be lit on the display.
08 – Unknown. Initially set OFF.

Note: I haven’t tried or verified any of this, proceed at your own
risk. And do not transmit outside of legal bands.