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New settings for the Behringer DSP2024p

If you are into audio processing for ham radio transmissions and you’ve got one of those wonderful Behringer Virtualizer Pro DSP2024p you can try another bunch of effect settings.

Effect – STUDIO (Shows “STUD” on display)
Edit A – PRE.D = 0.043
Edit B – DECA = 0.930
Edit C – DAMP = 11
Edit D – LCUT = 20
Edit E – SHV.D = 0
Edit F – SHVF = 457
EQ Low – BASS = +5
EQ Hi – TREB = +8
MIX = usually around 10-15

From my point of view this combination sounds better than the plate effect version. Try it and see if it’s OK for you.

Source:  ZS6AVM’s page.

Should we use some audio processing or not?

[media id=167]

Listen the recording above to see if you can feel any differences between the default Kenwood hand mike (MC43) and the Behringer audio gear. The recording was made using the headphones jack and the moni function on the Kenwood TS850s plugged into the line-in input of my computer sound-card. What do you think? Should we use some audio processing or not?

Listen closely and after that give a vote and tell me what do you think is the best audio from your point of view.

PS: Use a good pair of headphones or a good loudspeaker.
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