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Should we use some audio processing or not?

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Listen the recording above to see if you can feel any differences between the default Kenwood hand mike (MC43) and the Behringer audio gear. The recording was made using the headphones jack and the moni function on the Kenwood TS850s plugged into the line-in input of my computer sound-card. What do you think? Should we use some audio processing or not?

Listen closely and after that give a vote and tell me what do you think is the best audio from your point of view.

PS: Use a good pair of headphones or a good loudspeaker.
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YO3IBW Audio Test 21.07.2009

In the audio sequence above you can hear the difference between the Behringer audio setup and the default hand mike MC43.


In the image above you can see the graphic of Behringer Audio Setup. Microphone Behringer B1, Behringer Shark DSP110 (preamp, noise-gate, small compression), Behringer MiniFBQ 800 (9 band graphic EQ), Behringer MiniCOM 800 (Modeling Compressor)


In the image above you can see the graphic of Kenwood MC43.

The Kenwood TS850S AT was set 2.7Khz on 8.83 filter and also 2.7Khz on 455 filter with the transceiver speech processor ON. The recording was made from a President Lincoln transceiver and a condenser microphone connected to a laptop.

ATTENTION! This is not ESSB. I’m using the standard filters 2.7Khz wide but different “microphones”.

My new desk mike, powered by Audio-Technica & Ikea


Cam asa arata Desk Mike-ul meu construit dintr-o lampa pentru birou de la Ikea (35lei) modificata astfel incat sa indeplineasca rolul unui ” stativ microfon de masa, reglabil, tip brat ” care initial costa cam 294lei 😀   si un microfon Audio-Technica  PRO31 cu toate accesoriile incluse numai bune de folosit in acest proiect (157 lei). Costul total(stativ+microfon+cablu) ~ 192 lei.

Inventia de pe masa, adica acel Kenwood MC43s desfacut a fost o solutie de moment pentru a testa noul sistem de microfon. Urmeaza cutia cu PTT-ul precum si un mic montaj, intr-o alta cutie mica ce va face decuplarea galvanica a viitorului setup audio pentru transceriver. Stay tuned!

audio_technica_desk_mike_01 audio_technica_desk_mike_04audio_technica_desk_mike_021

Click on the thumbs for better resolution.