First of all, I want to welcome you on my website!

My name is Dan, but most of my friends called me Delta. I like to play with computers, servers, routers, Linux, big and small computer networks in the professional kind of way at my job, in the free time I do some radio traffic, taking a good walk in the Romanian Carpathian mountains, listen to some good music, and enjoying a good beer or wine (not in the same time, hi).

One of my old hobby is Amateur Radio no matter if it is 11m DX Band or the conventional Ham Radio frequencies, they’re all using the radio waves and they’re not professional so…anyway, let me tell you how I started this hobby.

Around year 1996 with a small CB radio with AM/FM Modulation and 240 Channels. The radio was called Dragon CB 220 and it was looking like the one in the picture below.

Unfortunately I had to sell the Dragon transceiver and made a little downgrade to an Alan S mini, 40 Channels AM/FM with a “BAM” specific noise an the beginning of each time I strike the PTT button to enter TX. Here I’ve made some interesting contacts on channel 31 (27.315) FM. The propagation was great! Stations from Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, France… had good signals.  The Alan S Mini CB transceiver can be seen below.

Around year 1997 I got my first SSB CB transceiver and started to do some real DX contacts. The radio was an Realistic TRC 465 modified to work on 120 channels and reach 27.555 DX calling frequency, by switching a knob the radio had the possibility to jump between channels, like +5Khz. Out power was no more than 5W. An image of this radio you can see below also.

Unfortunately, I had to get a job that consumed all my free time. There where a blank for about 8 years in my radio activity. Until, December 2008, the moment when I got the curiosity to connect a 12V power supply on my old dusty Realistic TRC465 transceiver.

I’ve got my Kenwood TS850s in the spring of 2009,  the moment I start to listen (SWL) the ham radio bands. I got my ham radio license and call sign YO3IBW on April 2009, the moment I start working also in the  HF ham radio bands, specially in the 40m and 10m band.

I’m active from time to time also in the 2m and 70cm band with my handheld transceiver.

Originally www.hobby.dan-nicolae.ro  was a project of mine unfortunately like most of the internet based ideas in Romania  was not successful so I thought it was reused for it for my own web page.

Attention / Disclaimer:

Most of the published content are my own creations, I also use some other materials from the web so if you think I have violated you’re copyright law please contact me and I will remove the masterpiece from those  web pages.

If you wish to use any part of this site, please put a back link mentioning the source.

73’s de Dan, YO3IBW

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